Ready, Set, GO~!

Just after a week from last meeting of 2014-2015 club calendar year, we are ready to start for a new one. Our experienced toastmasters of the evening Alice Wong help to conduct a smooth and well-organized meeting. We have 4 prepared speeches, and it was a wonderful speech session~!

  • Jie Fang, CC 2,  How to play violin well
  • Marco Tsang, CC 2, A “Good” Friendship
  • Anthony Mok, CC 2, Gratitude Speech to “Toastmasters School, Hong Kong”
  • Raj Thammineni, CC 4, One Word Many Meanings

Even I have no idea about those Italian jargon ( Vibrato, Legato and Spiccato), the violin demonstration conducted by Jessie was just stunning and touch your every single nerve. It was simply BRAVO~! What can you do when your “GOOD” friend dumped you in a completely strange city? That is the story shared by Marco.

When you are listening to a well written speech, it sounds like a poem. It is the way which Anthony show us in his speech. Last but not least, Raj shared a well researched speech about a 4 letter word – LOVE in his Competent Communicator (CC) 4 speech. Well done.

Our Table topic session was conducted by Edwin Lui, our middle-class man. There was 5 “victims” chosen, but those short speeches were so interesting. We have Sandy  to talk about her first job. Alan Kwong shared with us about the challenges in parenting.  Charlotte’s topic is how to be famous. And we got 2 guests, Reggie and Wayne to try out this impromptu speech challenge as well.

The best performance goes to:

  • Best Prepared Speech: Jessie Fang and Raj Thammineni
  • Best Table Topic Speaker: Sandy Chan
  • Best Evaluator: Andrew Yeung

And we got an advanced toastmasters club member Holly to be our General Evaluator as well. For those who wonder what is TGIT, you may visit their official website to learn more about advanced toastmasters club as well.

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