“Why, Why, Why!?” That is the most common question we asked ourselves when in doubt. For our table topic master Lawrence, he came up with a lot of interesting questions.

  • If there is a clone of you, what will you do? and Why?
  • If you are given the ‘Red Pill or Blue Pill’ in the movie Matrix, which one you will take and WHY?

Answering those questions are both challenging and thought provoking. And Niall did a good job in answering the “Red Pill / Blue Pill” Question.

For our prepared speeches, we have a well diversified projects ranging from ‘Competent Communicator (CC) 2’ up to ‘Story Telling 1’. Niall shared with us a lot of Gadgets to quantify ourselves and the speech was full of humor. While Alice shared her motivational experience about “A can of Coca Cola” on her hiking experience. The  twisted folk tale, “The Grasshopper and the Ant”, is full of interesting message about sneaking out of work.

The Best performers of the night is as follows:

Best Speaker Award Sandy Chan
Best Table Topics Award Niall Lagrue
Best Evaluator Award Sue Yen LEOW

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