Come Fly With Me~!

What a wonderful night to fly to the moon. We have a full house over 20 guests, 4 quality speeches, a farewell speech and cake sharing. What a fruitful meeting.

For prepared speeches, we have Joyce sharing about “Version 4.0” of Joyce. What a beautiful new version and a lot to expect in the upcoming future. Fillip shared his forward looking speech about the drones revolution in the agricultural sector. Mark’s “Real Big Story” about a little cutie ‘pig’ is so entertaining and inspirational. What a good job. Finally, we have Niall Lagrue, who successfully completed his Competent Communication (CC) Manual Project 10. His inspired us about embracing the inevitable change in life. Meaningful and full of thoughts.

Best Speaker: Mark Garcia
Best Table Topic Speaker: Matthew Lee
Best Evaluators: Sandy Chan & Ai Ai Ong


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