2015 Events

2015-11-30 Celebrating 61st Anniversary

Our club has reached it’s 61st birthday on 1 December 2015.

We have a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate with our members. Even it is not a huge ceremony, we can feel the warm feeling of celebrating as a group. As stated in the theme of the meeting, ‘Groupthink’ is a pointer for all of us to think about the future of our club.


2015-11-16 “Happy Thanksgiving”

A for … Appreciation.
It is not ‘authority’, nor ‘attacking back’ that can bring people closer, only appreciation can achieve this goal. By appreciating our members effort, recognizing our achievements and looking for improvement, these are the only ways that we can improve our club’s quality and make our home club a great one.

Thanks for Alice in recognizing the hard work of our executive committee (exco) team. Once again, may I take this opportunity to praise the effort from our dedicated exco members.

  • VPE team: Sandy Chan, Bonnie Lam and Anthony Mok
  • VPM team: Lawrence Chung, Calvin Lee and Jessie Fang
  • VPPR team: Matthew Lee and Eng Wah Lim
  • Secretary: Alice Wong
  • Treasurer: Lisa yip
  • SAA: Marco Tsang
  • Immediate Past President: Andrew Yeung
  • Webmaster: Alan Kwong

In terms of speeches, I would cherish the e-commerce opportunity shared by  Lizzie Zhu. While Mark’s poetic speech did show us how the dark sky can bring us HOPE, and Rejoy shared his insight from the fear of darkness. Last, but not least, Raj gave us the food of thought – Turkey or not Turkey, that is the question?

Thought for food – Raj

20151116-Raj-Thought-for-foodRaj T – thought for food

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2015-11-02 – Regular Meeting – Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis – a night of positive growth.

It is an inspirational night with speakers from Ice breaker (CC #1) speeches up to “Vocal variety” (CC#6).

Best speaker: Niall Lagrue – “Words of Wisdom”
Best Table Topic: Filip Linhart
Best Evaluator: Sue Yen LEOW

Tonight, we have an ice breaker speech from Joyce Chung. Welcome to our toastmasters family.
Another highlight is our General Evaluator (GE) – Julie Lee, DTM.
There were so many interesting observation about evaluators, helpers and the meeting in general. My favourite idea is “Don’t Say Thank you at the end of a speech. It will lower your speech’s power”. So interesting and inspiration.

To sum up, it is another interesting night, and I hope more of our members can share their ideas.