Lets “Going All In”~!

What a wonderful speakathon night. We hold 8 speeches in a single meeting with 2 network break and a long 2.5 hour meeting.



Seeing thru and through… our ultimate Speakathon.
We got so many interesting ideas to share, included Diana’s contest speech and Jonathan’s attempt in Advanced speech.


We have also celebrated with our contest winners on their achievement in the year.

Celebration Cert-and-Ribbon

2016-01-18 Flow (Speakathon)

What an intensive Speakathon after the day of marathon! Just follow the flow, and we make it, one speech at a time.

We have 7 speeches within a single meeting. It is so inspiring and entertaining session. We have sharing about Marathon, Climate Change, Hiking without water and even bread maker with a taste of DIY bread.

The best performer of the night
Best Speaker: Alice Wong
Best Evaluator: Mark Garcia

Special thanks to all the dedicated members. We have a full house and even 2 different Toastmasters guest from Japan, Ichiban~!

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