5th September, 2022

“Kidnap”! That was the topic given by our Contest Chair which caught many contestants off guard in our Table Topics Contest last night. How would you react to this topic if you were one of the contestants?

That was the excitement as well as the challenge of the Table Topics which the contestant has to deliver a 2-minute speech on the spot based on an unknown topic given by the Contest Chair. This year we have 10 contestants competing for the Best Table Topics Speaker award, only the top two will be able to advance to the Area Level.

Some of the contestants struggled with the surprising topic but some demonstrated the amazing ability to think fast and improvise, which are the most important ingredients for success in Table Topics or any impromptu speeches.

The second contest of the night is the Evaluation Contest.

Our test speaker delivered a fantastic story about how precious and scarce our time here on this planet is. After all, we all only live once, make the best of it.

Contestants then have 5-minute to prepare their evaluation of the speech, and to give 3-minute constructive feedback to our speaker.

Evaluation is all about listening and analytical skills, you don’t need to think as fast as the Table Topics, but you do need to think deeply and clearly.

After more than two hours of fierce competition, our panel of judges finally cast their ballots based on criteria including speech’s content, delivery, and language.

Big congrats to all the winners of the contests:

Table Topics Contest:
1st place: Ruby Sung
2nd place: Julie Lee
3rd place: Polly Wong

Evaluation Contest:
1st place: Julie Lee
2nd place: Polly Wong
3rd place: Charlotte Leung

Last but not least, our heartfelt gratitude for all the help and support from our Contest Chair – Raymond Chung, Chief Judge – Anthony Tsang, Contest Manage – Ben Fung, Test Speaker – Paul Lam, all Voting Judges and Facilitators, your hard work and support are not only made this special event possible but also memorable.

We hope to see all contestants again in our club’s next contest – the International Speech and Mandarin Contests on December 5th.

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