Our club made plenty of connections in the local Toastmasters Community this October. There were also heaps of celebrations and a memorable Halloween party.



Diamond Themed Meeting

To celebrate 60 years of Toastmasters in Hong Kong and Greater China, we are hosting a 60th Anniversary Dinner on Friday 21 November 2014. We ‘officially’ kicked-off our celebrations on 6 October with a Diamond Themed Special Meeting. Fellow Toastmasters from the local community joined our members and witnessed a Diamond Launch by our Past Presidents Arthur Ting, Rita Tsui, Ai Ai Ong, Sandy Chan, Aparna Sachar and current President Andrew Yeung. Amongst our guests were Mandy Lam and Jeff Chan, from 2015 District 89 Spring Conference Organizing Team.

Launch of the 60th Anniversary Celebrations
Launch of the 60th Anniversary Celebrations


Our members Michael Boynton, Martin Wong, Manoj Chugani and Lisa Yip all sparkled in the extended Table Topic sessions. It was our well polished Diamond Ben Fung who won the Best Table Topics Speaker Award for the night. Our night twinkled with a Birthday cake-cut for all our October and November birthday boys and girls. The stunning moment was of course when the Hong Kong Toastmasters Club 60th Anniversary banner was revealed for the first time!



Division HKGO Contest

Our members Sue Yen Leow and Andrew Yeung Championed Area G1 speech contests held in September. They represented our Area and competed in Division G Contests on 12 October. A group of our members supported Sue Yen and Andrew on the day. Our member Matthew Lee volunteered as MC for the Humorous Speech Contest.

IMG_2041 IMG_2056


It was a great opportunity to network with and learn from fellow Toastmasters in Hong Kong and Macau. Congratulations to Andrew (Champion) and Sue Yen (2nd Runner-Up) for their achievements in the Division G Evaluation Speech Contest 2014. Andrew will represent Division G in the District 89 Evaluation Speech Contest in November in Zhuhai. He was also placed (2nd Runner-Up) in the Division G Humorous Speech Contest.



Halloween Joint Meeting

Pumpkin heads from Kowloon and Hong Kong Toastmasters Club joined forces on 20 October to run the spookiest Toastmasters meeting in town! We spoke with monsters, witches, zombies, vampires and Mr. Peanut (Mr. Paul Wong) in an ultimate fantasia. Presidents Nanna Man (Kowloon) and Andrew Yeung (Hong Kong) started the meeting in the dark. Our TMEs Kara Lau (Kowloon) and Ben Fung (Hong Kong) did a fantastic job in facilitating the coolest meeting. Our Time Keeper Sheri Chan and Ah Counter Calvin Lee kept us awake with the scary looks. Grammarian Susanna Wong taught us how to pronounce “joiNt” meeting properly.

DSC05167  DSC05145 DSC05075 DSC05085


Sandy Chan from our club won the “Kowloon x Hong Kong Next Top Halloween Model” award and a $50 coupon for her scary-cat-walk performance. It was our honor to have a General Evaluation from Chia Huei Tseng DTM, Division O Governor. Our member Niall Lagrue gave his first speech AND won the Best Speaker Award. Matthew Lee won the Best Table Topic Speaker Award for sharing all about his angel at home. Peter Bunce from Kowloon Toastmasters was the Best Evaluator, despite of having a knife through his head. We had pizza, cake and wine after the meeting. It was another night of great fun! More photos are available from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwMORapCEuY&feature=youtu.be



Club Visits

Our members often visit other clubs and give General Evaluations. Matthew Lee visited South Horizon Toastmasters and Rita Tsui visited Centraler Toastmasters in October.




Niall Lagrue – started his Toastmasters journey by delivering their first speech CC#1 “The Ice Breaker”


Sue Yen Leow – received our Adam Aitken Award for her achievements in Area Speech Contest. The Adam Aitken Award was established by the Founding President of our club, Mr. Adam Aitken to encourage and support our members to excel in Speech Contests.


Hong Kong Toastmasters Club – has qualified for the Smedley Award (for adding 5 new members between August 1 and September 30) from Toastmasters International. Smedley Award is named after Dr. Ralph C. Smedley who founded Toastmasters in 1924. Thanks for the contributions from our club officers and members. A warm welcome to all our new members!


Coming Soon – Event Highlights

3 Nov – Regular Meeting – School Days on 39th Floor of L’Hotel (with a stunning sea view)

21 Nov – 60 Anniversary Celebration Dinner at the Police Officers Club



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