2 weeks ago

06-Sep-2021 Table Topics and Evaluation Speech Contest

Congratulations to all contestants! With all your support, the contest is successfully completed with great enjoyment. We are more than happy ... See more

2 weeks ago

30-Aug-2021 - Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. During the meeting we enhanced the understanding of empathy together via sharing from the speakers ... See more

1 month ago

23-Aug-2021 SpeechCraft 2nd Session

HKTMC members enjoyed an exclusive workshop on crafting speeches focusing on the “purpose” and “structure”.

The event started with 7-min speeches by ... See more

1 month ago

16-Aug-2021 - Imagination

Let your imagination go wild! Members and guests of HKTMC shared a wonderful night together with prepared speeches from Pathways “Dynamic Leadership” and “Innovative ... See more

1 month ago

2-Aug-2021 FOMO - Fear of Missing Out

What an amazing night with great speeches, personal sharing and genuine laughters among HKTMC members and record-breaking 18 guests! 🎉

Kavi Diwan shared a ... See more

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