Hi everyone,
In last meeting it was mentioned the club will need to collect additional membership fees to align our payment schedule with Toastmasters International. We have compiled a list of paid members who might be affected.

If your name is in green, hurray, you’re already on the new schedule and there’s nothing more you need to do!

Alex Wang Chung Wong
Paul Hon
Daniel Tso

For the others,  the club will need an additional HKD 360 to cover your membership from July to September.

Please have the money available for collection at the next meeting on 18th March.  Please remember to state your name and that the money is for membership extension!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or any of the VPMs.

Thank you so much for your continued support, and may we all see you this coming toastmaster year!


VP Membership Team.

Renewal Method

For Mar-Sept Renewal, please pay HK$360 to Hong Kong Toastmasters Club by either:

  1. ATM Transfer to Hong Kong Toastmasters Club Bank Account
    (HSBC A/C #: 600-635213-001), keep transfer receipt.
  2. By cheque payable to “Hong Kong Toastmasters Club” and pass to Treasurer / SAA / VPM at regular meeting
  3. By Cash at regular meeting and get receipt.

After the payment, please use the following form to help our Treasurer in reconciling the payment with bank record.

Payment Record – self submission

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