Cafe.waiting.speechCafe Waiting Speech

As a supportive effort for our new members, Alan Kwong, CC & Ben Fung, ACB will hold an informal cafe gathering. By attending to the mini-workshop, we will share the experience in working on Competent Communication (CC) manual projects 1 to 4.

Date / Time: 11 Sept 2014 (Thur) / 7:00 – 9:00 pm

(Updated) Venue: Carft Store, Shop B Ground Floor 13
Cleveland Street Fashion Walk Causeway Bay (Google Map)

Preparation: (i.) Read the CC Manual 1 to 4. (ii.) Bring your CC manual.

Gathering Recap

We have a great mixture of participants, including Ann, Calvin, Clement, Eugene, Helen and Raj. There were sharing on the project objectives form Competent Communication (CC) Manual project 1 to 4 by Ben. There are also discussion and brainstorm session.

Cafe Gathering


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