How have you taken action to create the future you envisioned?

Looking back, our club has made many breakthroughs this year to create the best experiences we want for our members and guests – a more diverse, engaging, and fun community. We have explored new things such as Standup Comedy Night, Open House Party, 3 Clubs Joint Meeting, etc.. which have attracted many guests and members from other TM clubs to join our meetings – an average of 15 guests per meeting! But we are not stopping here😎💪

We also host our third and last New Member Induction Ceremony of this term and give a big and warm Toastmasters welcome to our six new members. We have had twenty members joining our big family since July last year and have grown to the biggest public TM club in HK with 64 members coming from different professions, countries, and ethnicities.

Tonight, our new members rock the stage! Three new members deliver their first speech – the icebreaker. Ellie shared about how traveling allows us to learn about the world & be more open-minded; Carissa talked about her courage to come out of the “shell” shaped by her parents; Harry enlightened us with his stories on how he embraced the persistence and determination from his past as a “Takeaway Baby” in the UK. It’s lovely to see her girlfriend Rhine come to support his first speech!

During the Table Topics session, we invite guests & members to share their thoughts on how to deal with struggles and hopes to look ahead. One of our guests, Vinita conquered her fear of being judged when she was 11 and stood up to share her words! We love witnessing brave souls take their baby steps😃

Congratulations to all the best performers of the night!🥳🎉🎊

Best Prepared Speech Speaker: Carissa

Best Table Topic Speaker: Vinita (Guest)

Best Evaluator: Jewel

We save the best for last, celebrating our Annual Awards Presentation 🏆🏆🏆at the end of the meeting. This is the time to recognize and honor our members’ dedication and outstanding performance this year. We are proud of the following annual awards recipients: 👏👏👏🤩

1. Most Outstanding Toastmaster – Ruby Sung

2. Outstanding New Member – Mark Mak

3. Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)- Jewel Ho

As our DTM Jewel mentioned in her award acceptance speech, “Toastmasters is a safe environment for us to explore and maximize our potential as we are surrounded by friendly and supportive people.” We hope to see more fantastic transformation stories from our fellow members!

Finally, we bid farewell to our President Anthony Tsang and Executive Committee Team for 2022-2023; we are deeply grateful for their hard work and dedication over the past 12 months. They have provided the best learning experience for our members and guests and created many fun and unforgettable moments for our members and friends to cherish for years to come.

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