Cheers to the Hong Kong Toastmasters Club celebrating its 70th anniversary!

This is our club’s first celebration of our year-long 70th birthday celebrations; we started off with some fun games to heat up the stage. Look at how much fun our guests and members had!

This was followed by inviting two members to share their testimonials on why they chose to join the Hong Kong Toastmasters Club.

Our new member, Gigi, who joined two months ago, shared how the club helped her with her career growth.

Our most seasoned member, Asta, who joined 24 years ago in 1999 (yes, that’s not a typo!), described the club as a sharpener (platform/ tool) to sharpen her pencil (skill).

The highlight of the meeting was having a fireside chat with five past presidents from five different eras, spanning from the 70s to 2010s, to share their unique experiences and insights with our audience, such as how to overcome stage flight, which was the most asked question by our audience.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  1. Having stage fright is normal because it means you truly care about your audience. You cannot overcome it, but you can dance with it by switching the focus from yourself to your audience
  2. Grasp any chance to participate in contests and competitions. That’s the best way to improve your public speaking.
  3. If you think you have grown so much from Toastmasters, don’t stop there. Try to see it “upside down,” “right to left,” there is always something new you can learn from

Lastly, to end the meeting on a high note, we had a big feast dinner to wrap up our 70th-anniversary kickoff party!

If you have participated in the meeting, do share your biggest takeaway in the comments below. Carry your excitement till the next meeting! 

 Exciting news! We will host an engaging improvisation workshop with TBC Improv Hong Kong at our next meeting on 29 Jan! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn some improvisation techniques to do your impromptu speeches confidently~ 

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