What’s more enticing than enjoying a feast with like-minded speech enthusiasts? This Monday, Dec 19th, instead of holding a regular meeting as usual, we decided to host a special annual Christmas Dinner for all our members and friends. Rather than standing on the stage delivering our speeches, we all sat together to share stories and laughs, make new friends, and pamper ourselves with delicious cuisines and wines.

Although eight of our members and friends could not join us because of being tested positive for COVID or were in close contact with infected persons, we were grateful that we wound up still having almost 30 happy souls attending our annual dinner to celebrate this holiday season together.

What’s more, some lucky ones even got small treats from our lucky draw! 

Like many of you, when the holiday season in December rolls around, we are reflecting on how the year went and how we can improve going forward. Our hearts are filled with gratitude that our club has had another fruitful year in spite of being hit by the fifth wave of the pandemic which forced us to go online for almost 4 months without a single face-to-face meeting. Next year, as everything starts to get back to normal, we have set some ambitious goals.

We wish y’all a Merry Christmas with loads of unforgettable and joyful memories. See y’all in our new home in Central next year! And stay tuned, we will have something special for y’all!

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