If you are interested in the Toastmasters Club membership, we are highly encouraged you to visit our club during a regular meeting.

By visiting the regular meeting, you will get a personal touch about how a Toastmasters Club meeting is organized. It can also help you to figure out how the membership can help you to improve both communication skills and leadership skills.

Procedure (no pre-registration required)

  1. Check for the regular meeting schedule on our website (here). And decide when you may attend our regular meeting.
  2. Walk into the regular meeting venue on or before the program start. Usually, we will have a reception desk for guest registration starting at 6:45 pm. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm. The guest registration is for guest mailing list enrollment. (You can register online at here.)
  3. The guest fee is HK$50 for non-toastmasters club members and HK$30 for other Toastmasters club members. This can help to share the venue cost. You can pay cash at the reception counter and ask for a receipt if needed.
  4. Take a seat and enjoy the show. There should be free seating and you can take part in 2 sessions, namely guest introduction and table topic session.
    1. Guest Introduction: For every guest registered at the reception, you will be asked to stand up and give a short self-introduction. You may let us know your profession, why you are interested in the club, or how you feel about the meeting. Or you can simply say “Hi” to our fellow members and guests as well.
    2. Table Topics Session: It is an impromptu (unprepared) speech session. Both members and guests can volunteer and speak on a selected topic for 2 minutes. The topic will be announced by the Table Topic master at the session.
  5. During the network break,  you may ask any official or members about our club, membership, and educational programs. We are happy to share with you our experience.

For any other questions about visiting a club, you may email our VP Membership at (vpm@toastmasters.org.hk).