If you want to become a member of the Hong Kong Toastmaster Club, please fill out this Membership Application FormDownload Application Form

Features, Benefits, and Values of Joining Toastmasters

FeaturesBenefitsValue to IndividualValue to Organization
A self-paced programFlexibilityUnlimited personal growthEmployee goal achievement
Speech writing & presentationCritical thinking
Effective presentation delivery
Clear Communication
Overcome Fear
Effective employee communication
Better leaders
Bi-weekly interactive meetingsOngoing learning experience
Overcoming fears
Skill reinforcementImproved morale
Enhanced performance
Table Topics Thinking quickly
Improve improvisation
Faster response to problems
Better customer communication
EvaluationsKeen listening skills
Constructive feedback
Increased self-awareness
Positive mentoring
More productive teams
Participation in meeting
Ease in front of a group
Expand your network
Improved leadership skillsEffective meetings management
Opportunity to conduct
Time management skills
Self-confidence & poise
Effectively lead meetings
Beef up organizational skills
Increased productivity
Small groupsA supportive environment
A positive & safe atmosphere
Relationship-buildingBetter Teamwork
Improved retention
Opportunity to fulfill
officers roles
Leadership development
Leadership growth
Career advancement
Better leaders
Affordable duesCost-effectivenessPositive return on investmentPositive return on investment


1. Why Hong Kong Toastmasters Club?
Hong Kong Toastmasters Club is the longest established Toastmasters Club in Hong Kong and one of the two oldest clubs in Asia and Europe. Members have chosen to join us for the following reasons.
A large membership base, means a big audience for giving speeches.
 A mixture of various nationalities and cultural backgrounds enables the exchange of ideas from different perspectives.
 Members’ profiles vary in terms of age ranges, professions and work experience.
 We have set up an Award to recognize outstanding achievements by members in Toastmasters’ speech contests.

2. What will a member get?
By joining as a member, you will gain access to the Toastmasters International Pathways Education system. In addition, you will receive each month from Toastmasters International a magazine entitled “Toastmasters“, which provides insights and the latest information on communication and leadership. In addition, our club provides a positive and supportive environment and a mentor program to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

3. How to join?
If you have reached 18 years of age and feel that you have a fairly good command of spoken English…
Fill out this membership application formDownload Application Form
 Pay a one-time registration fee of HK$250 plus a membership fee of HK$ 1,440/year (HK$ 120/month) which is calculated from the member’s joining month up to the September, both months inclusive (for example, if your joining month is March, then your will pay 7 months of membership fee: $250 + $120 x 7 = $1,090).

Payment methods:
– By Payme: +852 9361 0234 (C. L. Fung, Treasurer of Hong Kong Toastmasters Club).
– By Deposit: to Hong Kong Toastmasters Club’s bank account: HSBC account No. (004) 600-635213-001

Thereafter, please WhatsApp your payment confirmation or screenshot of your payment with your full name to +852 9361 0234 or email that information to info@toastmasters.org.hk. Please note that your application will not proceed until we have received your payment confirmation or screenshot of payment by WhatsApp or email.

4. Payment Schedule

The following is the membership payment schedule covering the membership fee and one-time registration fee for the first membership year.

Month of JoiningMembership Month(s)A.
Membership Fee
Registration Fee
Total Payment
Oct1212 * HKD 120HKD 250HKD 1,690
Nov1111 * HKD 120HKD 250HKD 1,570
Dec1010 * HKD 120HKD 250HKD 1,450
Jan099 * HKD 120HKD 250HKD 1,330
Feb088* HKD 120HKD 250HKD 1,210
Mar077* HKD 120HKD 250HKD 1,090
Apr066* HKD 120HKD 250HKD 970
May055* HKD 120HKD 250HKD 850
Jun044* HKD 120HKD 250HKD 730
July033* HKD 120HKD 250HKD 610
Aug022* HKD 120HKD 250HKD 490
Sept011* HKD 120HKD 250HKD 370

If you have any questions regarding membership, please post to vpm@toastmasters.org.hk