Why Choose Hong Kong Toastmasters Club?

Founded in 1954, the oldest club in the Asia Pacific Region

One of the biggest clubs in HK with a large audience base

Club Highest Honor: President’s Distinguished Club 2015 – 2023

One of the biggest venues accommodates up to 90 people

Members from all walks of life: ages, professions, ethnicity

Experienced mentors guide & help you along the way


1. What will a member get?
By joining as a member, you will gain access to the Toastmasters International Pathways Education system. In addition, you will receive each month from Toastmasters International a magazine entitled “Toastmasters“, which provides insights and the latest information on communication and leadership. In addition, our club provides a positive and supportive environment and a mentor program to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Here are the highlights of the many benefits you’ll see as a Toastmaster.

2. How to join?
If you have reached 18 years of age and feel that you have a fairly good command of spoken English…
Fill out this membership application formDownload Application Form. (Required to upload your payment proof)
 Pay a one-time registration fee of HKD 300 plus a membership fee of HKD 2,040/year (HKD 170/month), which is calculated from the member’s joining month up to September, both months inclusive (for example, if your joining month is March, then your will pay 7 months of a membership fee: $300 + $170 x 7 = $1,490).
3. Payment methods:
– By FPS: FPS ID# 103496360 (HONG KONG TOASTMASTERS CLUB) or Proxy ID (email): treasurer@toastmasters.org.hk
– By Deposit/ ATM Transfer: to Hong Kong Toastmasters Club’s bank account: HSBC account No. (004) 600-635213-001
– By PayMe: +852 9361 0234 (C. L. Fung, Treasurer of Hong Kong Toastmasters Club).
4. Payment Schedule
The following is the membership payment schedule covering the membership fee and one-time registration fee for the first membership year.
Month of JoiningMembership Month(s)A.
Membership Fee
Registration Fee
Total Payment
Oct1212 * HKD 170HKD 300HKD 2,340
Nov1111 * HKD 170HKD 300HKD 2,170
Dec1010 * HKD 170HKD 300HKD 2,000
Jan099 * HKD 170HKD 300HKD 1,830
Feb088* HKD 170HKD 300HKD 1,660
Mar077* HKD 170HKD 300HKD 1,490
Apr066* HKD 170HKD 300HKD 1,320
May055* HKD 170HKD 300HKD 1,150
Jun044* HKD 170HKD 300HKD 980
July033* HKD 170HKD 300HKD 810
Aug022* HKD 170HKD 300HKD 640
Sept011* HKD 170HKD 300HKD 470

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact us at info@toastmasters.org.hk

Or WhatsApp us by scanning the QR code below.