We are so thrilled that 22 guests are joining our meeting, and ten new members are officially joining our club this evening. 👏👏👏

Our president starts the meeting with a thought-provoking question: “How much time do you spend on your phone daily?”

Members and audience reflect on how much screen time we use across all our digital devices, from our phones to iPads, laptops to desktops, online video games to Netflix, and how it affects our relationships and physical and mental health. Here’re some suggestions for reducing screen time from our members and guests:

1. Out of sight, out of mind – put our digital devices out of sight to places where we can’t see them, so we use them less frequently.
2. Stay away from our phones 1 hour before going to bed and 1 hour after waking up to gain peace of mind.
3. Avoid videos – stop bingeing videos, long or short, on Netflix or our phones; this is one of the best ways to reduce screen time.
4. Set a time limit – set a limit on our phone use, such as two times a day, no more than 10 minutes each, to avoid aimless scrolling.

During the prepared speech, our lovely member Josephine shared her stories about quitting a job she didn’t feel right to free herself up. She used a captivating speech title, β€œLet it go – How not to get frozen,” and she also sang the lyrics from Frozen to deliver a beautiful and engaging speech!

Our second speaker Jonathon came back to the stage after an almost 5-year break with a strong message “From your value to your skills.β€œ He also surprised the audience by singing “I Believe I Can Fly,” filling the room with laughers.

Our third speaker was our all-time funniest member – Grace! Her thought-provoking speech forced us to reflect on our life by imagining we were inside a coffin. This “With the end in mind” exercise made us realize what we cherish and value most in our lives.

Next, we have some tremendous impromptu speeches from the floor about tips and reflections on how our digital devices affect our lives.

The highlight of the night was the New Member Induction Ceremony. We officially welcome and induce our ten new members to the HKTMC family. They stated their vows to embark on their Toastmasters journey. When asked about their goals before Sep 2023, many said their goals were to deliver as many fantastic speeches as possible. Can’t wait to listen to all their Icebreaker speeches.

Congratulations to all the winners of the night🏆🎉👏
Best Prepared Speaker: Josephine Wong
Best Evaluator: Ruby Sung
Best Table Topics Speaker: Kajal (Guest)

Our next meeting is on the 3 Apr. Register for the session before the quotas run out! See you all then!

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