Who doesn’t like a good laugh?

So tonight, we are not only speaking up, we also do standup – Toastmasters Standup Comedy Show 😝🤪😂 We have six courageous Toastmasters from different clubs and guests step onto the stage to perform two-minute Standup. It is simply hilarious! Some joke about their weird experiences in daily life or foreign countries; some poke fun at their significant other, and some even use ChatGPT to create some hilarious jokes. Everyone tries to be the funniest on stage to win those four tickets, sponsored by Live Nation, to the legendary British comedian and actor John Cleese’s Live Show in HK on July 10 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center.

We also invite Jami Gong, the founder of the first full-time comedy club in Asia – Takeout Comedy Club – to bring a whole new learning experience to our Toastmasters: Stand-up Comedy 101! Jami shares his Stand-up journey spanning from New York’s China Town to Hong Kong and gives lots of valuable feedback and techniques to our Stand-up performers on improving their stand-up and public speaking skills.

For instance, the ” PP ” trick, which stands for Punch and Pause. It means after delivering your Punchline; you Pause deliberately to hint to the audience at a laughing point. Also, we learn something called “Laugh Count.” For professional comedians, their jokes “laugh count” is about six laughs per minute. For our Toastmasters and guests, our jokes “laugh count” tonight is about two laughs per minute. 😆😆😆Thank you Jami for the valuable tips, and also, thank you, guests and members, for your outstanding performances!

After the stand-up comedy show, it’s time for our regular prepared speeches. Our first prepared speaker is a newbie in this club, who brought us an introduction of himself about growing up In the Netherlands with a British accent. His story tells us about embracing what life leads you to and learning how to enjoy the script of our lives. Next, we would be thrilled to learn how to perfect the British accent!

Our second speaker discussed how ego is everyone’s enemy by illustrating his life events of frustrations and obstacles led by his ego. Ultimately, he summarizes this reminder of letting go of your ego, making your life easier. Coming to the last prepared speech of the night, our speaker gives an impressive lead-in by relating all of us to a very common struggle in our daily lives – insomnia.

Our speaker offers us an incredibly simple yet effective resolution: get enough sunlight once we get up. Exposure to sunlight in the morning can help you sleep at night because it helps reset your body’s inner “sleep clock.” It’s too simple to the point we can’t believe it, but believe it or not, why not give it a go?

Congratulations to all the winners of the night🎉🎊🥳🥂

Best Prepared Speaker: Alex Walter

Best Evaluator: Carissa Chirwa

Best Stand-up Performers: Alex Walter, Josie James

Our next club meeting is going to be on 19th June. Stay tuned for more surprises, and we hope to see you in person next time!

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