Zoom fatigue setting in? Well, maybe it’s time to throw a killer virtual party during this time of social distancing. Instead of gathering in person, we hung out, drank, laughed, played games as well as bid farewell to our beloved member over zoom on Monday night.

It’s been almost two months since HK Toastmasters Club decided to move all our meetings online at the beginning of January, but just because our members can’t come together in real life, doesn’t mean you should skip partying and celebrating all together.

But let’s be honest, most zoom parties are not fun, if not terrible, but thanks to the creative juices of our members Polly Wong and Deepti Tiwari, we actually did have an amazing one: playing exciting online games, laughing at one other’s not-so-funny jokes, sharing personal stories all the while pretending to sip wine and guzzle beer in front of the screen.

We all hope partying and meeting in person will happen again soon here in HK, but in the meantime, why not fully embrace the virtual fun!

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