In Hong Kong Toastmasters Club, we always enjoy the multi-cultural interaction with members and guests. In order to keep our friendship and remind our happy days in our club, we started to create a “Friends of HKTMC” page and keep an archive of our members and guests around the world.

If you want to be spot out, just send a email to [vpm at].


Visitors around the World

Athens Toastmasters

We have just met George Panagopoules on 20 November 2017. He comes all the way from Greece to Hong Kong and visit our club on the very first night in Hong Kong.


Japan Toastmasters

We are honored to have 2 Toastmasters from overseas to visit our club on 18 Jan 2016. Welcome Sasaki and Wayne~ Konichiwa!

To learn more about Tokyo American Club Toastmasters, you may visit their home page. In case you passed by Chiba, you may visit Tsudanuma Toastmasters Club and say hello to our friend Sasaki.

Canada Toastmasters

Our friend, Wynn Quon, from “99 Bank Toastmasters Club” has visited us on 15 Feb 2016. He mentioned that there is a snow fall of 51 cm in one day at Ottawa. Salute to the dedicated Toastmasters whom attend a meeting even with thick snow out there. You may find the club information at TI website, or their Facebook page.

Friend from Ottawa, Canada

UK Campus

Toastmasters Marseille

In 29 Aug 2016, we met Fanny Walter from Toastmasters Marseille.
Hope that our humorous speeches can make her laugh. 🙂
In case we are around France, we may visit them as well.


Glasgow Toastmasters
Joint meeting to join a guest Toastmasters. We met Ross Burns from Glasgow Toastmasters while having Joint meeting with Centraler Toastmasters Club.
Glasgow Toastmasters Club Facebook