We’ve further supported the growth and development of our members (and shared plenty of laughters) in two unique meetings in December. Thank YOU all for supporting all of us and we are looking forward to sharing the joy of public speaking in 2015.



Memorable Moments @ Chartered Date

Chartered on 1st December 1954, our club has been developing speakers and leaders in the past 60 years. Although we’ve already had our 60th Celebration Dinner on Friday 21 November, our regular meeting on 1st December 2014 was also uniquely special. We shared our “Memorable Moments” in the evening followed by a mini-cake-cut ceremony.


Our new member Charlotte Leung gave her Ice Breaker speech. It’s great to know that we have a registered nurse amongst us. Raj Thammineni gave his Project 2 speech, speaking on a fashion item that was originally designed for men: high heels. Matthew Lee worked on his first advanced project and shared tips on how to effectively manage a group of children. All our prepared speech speakers received valuable feedback from our seasoned members Alan Kwong, Edwin Lui and Arthur Ting. It was our honor to have one of our club’s Past President (1997), our big brother, Talis Wong DTM as our General Evaluator.


Joyeux Noel mini Christmas Party

Christmas, Christmas time is near! Time for joy, and time for Toastmasters. We held the very first English-French Toastmasters Meeting in Hong Kong on 15 December! In the spirit of “Joyeux Noel”, and with the encouragement of our amazing Toastmasters of the Evening Sue Yen Leow, we’ve made an attempt to delivery (a little bit of) French and plenty of English.


Our new members Jesse Fang and Helen Ni gave a Project 1 and a Project 3 prepared speech. Sheri Chan dressed up as Miss Santa Claus and hosted an entertaining table topics session. It was her first attempt as Table Topics Master, well done! Our special guest, Derek Wong DTM, District 89 LGET host a 20 minute workshop “Moment of Truth” and gave our club a pulse check. A Hong Kong Toastmasters Club meeting would not be complete without a high quality evaluation session. We’ve ended this calendar year’s Toastmasters event with a mini Christmas Party. As always, we learned while having plenty of fun!





Charlotte Leung and Jesse Fang – began their Toastmasters journey and delivered their first speech CC#1 “The Ice Breaker”

Andrew Yeung has achieved his Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG) award


Appreciation & Gratitude

Started in July, the first 6 months of this 2014/15 Toastmasters Years have been exciting! Thank YOU for supporting our club and our members to grow in the first half of this Toastmasters year! Here are the highlights of the past 6 months: July | August | September | October | November | December


We’d like to express our sincere appreciation to all Toastmasters & Guests who’ve visited us, a big THANK YOU to all guest General Evaluators and Contest Judges for enriching our meetings!

Guests 2014 Jul to Dec


All these exciting events were made possible by our dedicated team of Club Officers who have contributed their time and effort to support the growth of their fellow members. Thank you team!

Excom Installation
Hong Kong Toastmasters Club Officers 2014/2015


Have a Merry Christmas and see you all again @ Monday 5th January 2015!


Andrew Yeung ACG ALB


Hong Kong Toastmasters Club

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