Everyone got some fear inside, may it be fear of dead, fear of public speaking, or fear of missing out. The meeting is full of sharing among our own fear, and this sharing strengthen our friendship among members and guests.

In terms of speeches, it sounds like an international school. Within an hour, we have sharing about Japanese Zen Archery, Relativity from physics to philosophy, (Awesome) Germany Exchange Experience and Indian philosophy about suffering. That is why I like Hong Kong Toastmasters Club, you never know what you can learn from others, until you attend the meeting. The speaker list is as follows:

  • Lawrence Chong, CC 2, Kyudo – The Japanese Zen Archery
  • Lisa Yip, CC 3, Relativity
  • Cherry Chow, CC 5, My Exchange Experience
  • Raj Thammineni, CC 5, Dukkha

For Table Topics, we have those interesting topics from Calvin Lee, it is so challenging to find out the focus of the topic. We have courageous member and guests to attempt those challenging ‘paragraphs’. A round of applause to Jean, Reggie and Rachel.

Certainly, the experienced evaluators did gave valid recommendation to our speakers. And Molly YIP (DTM), our General Evaluator, do remind us to challenge ourselves to a higher level. Such a good reminder for all of us.

Some ice breaking news were also worth mentioning. We have a guest Toastmasters Alex coming from France to visit our club. And Bonnie Lam has her debut performance in TME Role. For new members, we got James Lai taking timer role and Mark Garcia serving as our grammarian. Both did a elegant job but utilizing the flip chart as well.

Best Performers

Best Speaker Award Cherry Chow
Best Table TopicAward Jean Moleno
Best Evaluator Award Andrew Yeung

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