In toastmasters club meeting, you will never know what you can learn from others until you attend the meeting. In this meeting, we have our theme, ‘Unforgettable Furry companion’. Our toastmaster of the evening, Alice Wong, shared with us her furry companion throughout her childhood. And this furry companion is still kept in good shape like its owner.

In terms of speeches, we have two Competent Communication (CC) projects and an advanced speech. They are:

  • Niall Lagrue, CC4, “The Keys to Success”
  • Charlotte Leung, CC4, “Flow”
  • Alan Kwong, Speaking to Inform (2006) #3, “IAQ Technologies”

Niall shared the 3 key elements of success, namely Perseverance, Patience and Presence and illustrated the concept with the story of Sir Roger Bannister. On the other hand, Charlotte described vividly her personal ‘flow’ experience in water-color painting, and she also shown us her own painting. I can really feel the joy of ‘flow’ from her passion to painting. Finally, Alan demonstrated an interesting gadget for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) measurement and well demonstrated how the little device works.

For table topic, Cherry is well prepared and dress-up for the session. The questions were short and clear like “My Teddy Bear”, “Love is the best medicine” and “The Importance of mascots”. Our experienced members like Matthew, Rita, Andrew and Eng Wah just jump onto the stage and showcased their speaking Skills. Among them, Andrew revealed the secret of our club – Club President is the mascot for the Toastmasters Year.

Club Mascot of tonight.
Club Mascot 2015-2016.

For individual evaluations, Paul and Sheri gave valid comments for our speakers, and Aparna raised the bar by challenging our speaker to demonstrate coherence throughout the speech.

In terms of members debut experience, we got the following stage debut.

  • Lawrence Chong as Table Topic Evaluator
  • Sheri Chan as Individual evaluator
  • Cherry chow as Table Topic Master, and
  • Jean Moleno as Grammarian

As always, I found Toastmasters Club the perfect place to learn both public speaking and leadership skills by providing a mutually supportive and positive learning environment.


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