Devil may care.. inspirational and carefree!

 6-6-6. Devil May Cares~!
No matter what the Devil may cares, we do care our progress for members. We got 2 members achieved their Competent Communictor (CC) recognition tonight. A round of applause to Raj Thammineni and Alice Wong. It sounds not much to achieve CC, you only need to present 10 * 6 minutes of speeches. That is only 1 hour in your life. But the reading, studying, preparation and rehearsal are what we care. With all the hard work, we will see the growth we made in this Toastmasters Journey.

We are also very happy to have our seasoned member, Asta Lee, coming back and served as G.E. Hope that more experienced members can share their insight with us.



Alice Wong - Competent Communicator (CC) achieved.
Alice Wong – Competent Communicator (CC) achieved.
Honorable G.E. - Asta Lee
Honorable G.E. – Asta Lee


Best Role takers
Best Role takers

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